Booze and Biceps

Yay, it’s party season. Which means at least 90% of my patients will be attempting to exercise whilst slightly wonky from the night before. Lucky for you, I’ve written a Men’s Running UK article about how to avoid rupturing every tendon you own! Merry Christmas to all...

How to fix a leaky gut!

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms and want to fix them? Headaches or Migraines Dizziness Chronic Pain IBS and Digestive Disorders Bloating Diarrhoea Food Intolerances Fatigue Poor Sleep Low Energy Low Libido High Stress Levels Skin Complaints Breathing Problems...

6 drills to stop your desk job destroying your body

Today we have a guest post from Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Rehabilitation Coach, Ben Davies. He runs Tailored Fit Coaching and works alongside Pro Performance @ London Healthcare Clinic in Liverpool Street. With knowledge in both nutrition and...

Burn Fat Fast!!!! #Back Pain Clinic Notting Hill

How do I lose body fat quickly without boring exercise sessions??? It’s January, so everyone is trying to lose weight, here is our simple to follow Pro Performance Clinics guide to losing fat without having to spend 20 hours a week boring yourself to death on a...

Are You Ready To Run??? #Running Injury Clinic London

Are you ready to run???  This book from Dr. Kelly Starrett is a must read for EVERY runner! It goes through the basic body requirements that every runner needs to improve performance, reduce risk of injury and self treat any old issues that have been lingering for...

Interesting article # Shoulder Pain Clinic London

MTOD #2: Hang or Brachiate Daily to Avoid Shoulder Impingement “Science is about defining truths about nature through experiment or experience.” – Richard Feynman, nuclear physicist What you’re about to learn is perhaps the most important information you’ve...

Are You Breathing Properly???

23,000 breaths!!! That’s the average we all take in one day, so you definitely want to make sure you’re doing it correctly!!! If you’ve ever suffered with lower back or neck pain, chances are that your breathing mechanics are dysfunctional. Even our elite athlete...

Why are my hamstrings always tight? #Hamstring Tear Clinic London

Your Hamstrings…Are They Tight For A Reason???!!! We all know the feeling, you bend forward to touch your toes and the muscles in the back of your legs feel like they are going to snap! Here at Pro Performance Clinics, almost everyone we treat thinks they have “tight...

Can Sit Ups Cause Back Pain??? # Back Pain Clinic London

Sit ups…We all hate them, we all do them, but are they actually damaging your spine? We’ve all done it, great 50 minute workout, followed by 10 minutes of token sit ups and stretches! In the 80’s they were heralded as the greatest exercise ever, giving you into a six...

Stretching – Fact vs Fiction

We always teach our patients that prevention is better than cure, but does stretching actually help with injuries? At Pro Performance Clinics we get asked about this all the time at both our Notting Hill Gate Chiropractic Clinic W8 and our City of London Liverpool St...

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