Can Sit Ups Cause Back Pain??? # Back Pain Clinic London

Sit ups…We all hate them, we all do them, but are they actually damaging your spine?

We’ve all done it, great 50 minute workout, followed by 10 minutes of token sit ups and stretches!

In the 80’s they were heralded as the greatest exercise ever, giving you into a six pack like Arnie and loads of high fives from the vest wearing muscle men at the gym!

Well, times have changed and so has the scientific research on this time honoured tradition…

Sit Ups: Do’s and Don’ts

 Don’t do full sit ups!!!

  • Doing old fashioned full range sit ups actually damages your lumbar spine! It puts pressure on your spine, which can cause a “slipped disc”, back pain and sciatica.

Do perform this scientifically researched sit up, known as a McGill curl up. It gives you functionally strong abs without damaging your back. Described as “The Best Sit Up in the World” by Mens Health Magazine, it is one of our favourite exercises to help our patients with back pain. Here is a how to video demo from our friends over at SpineNutrition.