Sports Injury Treatment & Sports Massage in London

What causes tight muscles?


Massaging tight muscles can be really useful if you have done a heavy training session and need to recover quickly.

In fact we use sports massage as one of our treatment techniques to help alleviate pain and tightness.

However, if you are regularly getting tight muscles after training, developing injuries or tight muscles on one side only, then you should really address the underlying cause of your problem instead of wasting your time and money on endless sports massage treatments.

Top 3 causes of muscle tightness

Spinal misalignment – An unevenly loaded spine can cause muscles on one side to work too hard and become tighter over time. Treatment to realign the spine and pelvis is essential to prevent further injuries from developing.

Repetitive overload – Lots of sports involve one-sided movement, such as golf, tennis or football. It is important to design a corrective exercise program to counterbalance these one-sided movements.

Old injuries – Previous injuries, such as tendonitis, muscle tears or old surgeries can weaken one part of the body, this causes other areas to work harder. Following a well-designed treatment and rehab programme will address this problem.

At Pro Performance, we are different to other clinics. We use a variety of treatment techniques to relieve your tight muscles and fix the cause of your tight muscles, not just sports massage.

“I’ve been for a couple of sports massages, my pain feels better for a day or two, then it comes back”

We hear this sort of comment from hundreds of new patients that we see every year!

The problem with sports massage, is that it doesn’t fix the reason why the muscles were tight in the first place.

It just simply relaxes tight muscles, then you feel amazing for 48 hours. But the muscles tighten back up again because the underlying cause of your muscle tightness hasn’t been addressed!

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Here is a list of the main treatments we use to help your pain go away and stay away for good:


Top 10 Treatments for Tight Muscles in London


  • Spinal and pelvic manipulation
  • Cervical traction/Y-Strap mobilisation
  • Medical acupuncture/Dry needling
  • Deep tissue/sports massage
  • Kinesio-taping
  • Graston technique
  • Active release technique
  • Corrective breathing drills
  • Corrective exercise training
  • Core muscle stabilisation training

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