Pregnancy Care

what we do


We help hundreds of pregnant women every year through all 3 stages of pregnancy.

Our gentle treatment techniques and bump-friendly exercises relieve pain and prepare you for labour and beyond.

Pre-Pregnancy MOT

If you are trying to get pregnant, we perform a full-body assessment to review your general and musculoskeletal health. We assess your diet, stress levels, flexibility, core strength and posture, then prescribe a tailored care plan to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care

Whether you are in pain or simply want to prepare your body for the big day. Our team have years of experience helping women thrive during pregnancy. Book a consultation with one of our clinicians and you will receive; calming breathing techniques to unwind your nervous system, relaxing treatment to make you feel better and gentle exercises to get you moving better.

Post-Pregnancy Care

Just because the baby has arrived, doesn’t mean you automatically feel amazing! We help women unlock any tension accumulated from the 9 months of pregnancy, then rebuild their muscles back to stronger than before.

We have years of experience helping women with:


  • Diastasis recti dysfunction
  • Pelvic pain
  • Coccyx pain
  • Post C-section rehab
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Return to fitness programmes

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“Oh wow, that is the best I’ve felt all pregnancy”

“I’m so glad I found you”

“I’m sending my whole NCT group to see you”

We hear lovely comments like this all the time.

We also have loads of amazing google reviews from women just like you.

GCC, BCA & Functional Movement Systems Certified


Pro Performance Clinics are covered by major insurance companies.

Please ensure you notify them before starting treatment. Remember to bring any authorisation & policy numbers with you on the day of your appointment. If you have anything you would like to discuss with us prior to booking, call us on 02079711259 and our team will answer any questions you may have.

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