Lower Back Pain Treatment in The City of London EC3V 9BS

Here at Pro Performance City of London EC3V 9BS we have been treating low back pain, sciatica and slipped discs for over 15 years.

Our friendly team will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain using advanced modern low back pain treatment and corrective exercises.


How common is low back pain?

Low back pain treatment is the most common reason patients attend our City of London Back Pain Clinic in EC3V 9BS.

It is estimated that over 577 million people suffer with some sort of lower back pain every year worldwide.

The good news is that most of the patients we see with lower back pain will improve with our unique combination of advanced low back pain treatment techniques and corrective exercise.

What causes low back pain?

Low back pain is most often caused by 4 different conditions.

  • Lumbar facet syndrome – Low back pain caused by irritated spinal joints.
  • Lumbar “slipped” disc – Low back pain often caused by a bulging disc in your spine.
  • Spondylolisthesis – Low back pain caused by a vertebra that has slipped out of position.
  • Sciatica – Nerve pain radiating down the back of the leg.

All these conditions can present with a variety of symptoms. From a mild dull ache in the lower back to excruciating pain in the lower back with radiating leg pain (sciatica).

Can low back pain be fixed?

Yes! The vast majority (over 90%) of our patients that have lower back pain make a full recovery with our unique approach to lower back pain treatment and rehab.

It is very important that you see a registered medical professional such as our GCC registered or GOsC registered clinicians to obtain an accurate diagnosis before starting any treatment or exercise plan.

How do you fix lower back at Pro Performance Clinics City of London EC3V 9BS?

Here at Pro Performance, we believe in fixing the cause of your lower back pain, not just the symptoms!

This means we assess every aspect of your health and give you the simple solutions to fix it.

Here’s what you can expect when you come for your first lower back pain appointment.

  1. Diagnose
  • You will be asked about your pain, lifestyle, exercise, diet, sleep, stress and injury history.
  • We perform a full-body functional movement screen. Assessing for any tight joints, weak muscles and dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • Often your pain will be related to an issue elsewhere in your body; tight hips, old injuries, poor posture…you name it, we will assess it all!
  1. Treat
  • We use advanced treatment techniques to fix your low back pain.
  • Active release technique (ART), muscle energy technique (MET), deep tissue massage, dry needling/medical acupuncture, Y-strap3 spinal mobilisation, gentle joint manipulation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM), dynamic stretching
  • Cutting edge technology such as shockwave, laser and TECAR therapy.
  1. Cure
  • This is what separates us from other clinics in The City of London.
  • We combine our advanced lower back pain treatment with tailored corrective exercises to cure your condition permanently.
  • Our corrective exercises are unique to you! We build strength from the ground up, using deep core activation exercises and a global strengthening program.
  • We don’t just aim to get you pain-free, we want you to feel stronger than ever!

Are you suffering with low back pain or a slipped disc? We can help you today!

Our friendly and experienced team are here to help you get better and stay better!

Book in with one of our injury experts today to get you pain free and active asap.

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